Frequently Asked Questions
No. This course is provided in the excellent tradition of all Century 21® Real Estate Training. As the real estate industry leader, we feel an obligation to provide superior training in all levels of real estate education. ANY STUDENT ATTENDING THE HARMAN REAL ESTATE ACADEMY IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO AFFILIATE WITH ANY OF THE REAL ESTATE BROKERAGES THAT MAY BE SOLICITING FOR AGENTS AT THIS SCHOOL.
We want to make sure that the cost of this education is affordable for all aspiring real estate agents. The cost of our course is just $475.00 and your books are included. Tuition is required as one upfront cost. We process all card payments through a PayPal account but we also accept cash or check.
In order to receive a real estate license you must first qualify to take the licensing exams. Once you complete the required 120 hours of education from a UDRE approved course provider such as Harman Real Estate Academy, you will receive a stamped certificate of completion. This permits you to schedule your licensing exams with the Pearson VUE testing center. The cost to take to take these exams is currently $66 per appointment, most students take the National and State Licensing exam in the same appointment.
YES! All tested subject matter will be fully covered in your lessons and during lectures. You will be given multiple-choice practice tests along with our school final exams to prepare you for the state exams. It is rare that a student who fully reviews the materials presented fails to pass on the first try. However, if for any reason you fail the state exam, you may retake the course or any portion of the course you feel necessary. You may continue attending the classes and taking the practice tests for up to one year.
You can also signup online and start taking your classes immediately by clicking here. Otherwise you're welcome to come on into our office, click here to contact us if you have any questions.
You may take the state exam as many times as needed. In the event that you fail the exam, you may make an appointment to retake it, but you will be required to pay another exam fee of $66.00.
The Harman Real Estate Academy course is divided into 43 lessons, covering the full range of topics required for a strong basic knowledge of real estate fundamentals.
All of our classes are taught online and most of them are taught live as well. You can take any mixture of online/live classes you would like to.
No. Each lesson is self-contained and may be taken in any order provided the student reads the assigned pages prior to the scheduled lessons. Lectures will be taught on the days and times indicated on the included calendar.

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Our classes can be suited to fit almost any schedule. Lectures are held in the early evening hours and some mornings, while our office is open during the day for taking practice tests. Also, the classes are self-contained and may be taken in any order. This makes it even easier to tailor the course to your own schedule.


Classes at the Academy can be completed in as little as about a month if all the scheduled lectures are attended. However, for those who would rather move at a slower pace, our students have up to one year from registration to complete the course materials.


The cost of classes is extremely reasonable--only $475. This is an incredible value for a course that trains students for a completely new career. This amount not only covers the classes, but also includes the text books. The student also has the opportunity to purchase many supplemental materials at the Academy during enrollment. We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.