Harman Real Estate Academy may become an ONLINE ONLY curriculum starting January of 2020. We would love to hear your feedback about this potential change. Please take a few minutes and fill out the survey below. Thank you.


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Recently we have had some questions raised about how to best prepare for the National and State exams at the end of this course. We STRONGLY encourage all students to complete the practice tests and pass with a 90% or higher before moving on to the exams. We wish you the best of luck with studying.

-The Harman Team

"An incredibly smooth, fast-paced program that helped me complete the school all from my own home. There was no pressure. The videos were all extremely helpful when watched alongside the textbook. Dave Harman, the instructor, really knows his stuff. His teachings were more valuable to a prospective agent than any book. He gave insight to real problems and issues that can arise during your career. The Academy was always helpful when I called with questions. They have great practice tests that helped me with my study. Their new website is really nice, user-friendly, and tracks your progress well. I had a great experience!"
Greg Hanks
Former Student

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